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The Change is an extraordinary event, of a type rare in history -- never before has something of its kind impacted so many, so quickly.

Not yet fully acknowledged by mainstream thinkers and commentators, its impact is already being felt in many areas, with most people aware of the accelerating change which heralds it.

Many attribute this acceleration to rapid technological development and implementation, particularly Information Technology (IT) -- but IT is a manifestation, not the cause, of The Change.

At its core, The Change is much more fundamental, involving new neurological patterns and even changes at the cellular level. Some describe it as an "expansion of consciousness ," or even a "rediscovery of the All."

The early 20th-century physicists who formulated the basic theories enabling the later rise and development of IT were among the first to experience this aspect of The Change. (But certainly not the last. The Change is expected to run its full course over the next 50-75 years, although many predict a peak around the year 2012 or so.)

The nature of The Change is such that few existing disciplines are capable of fully describing it. Suitable concepts and language have yet to be created, although the old standbys of myth, literature, and art are very helpful. A "new paradigm" won't suffice, either -- The Change is much more that.

If the last 6,000 years or so of Western Civilization are called "The 6,000-Year Ego Experiment," then The Change represents the end of that experiment and the beginning of another. This new experiment blends a narrowly focused and still predominant "masculine" consciousness with an older and wider "feminine" consciousness into something quite new and different. For the first time in millennia, intellect begins to be balanced with intuition.

As a result, the myths that have driven our global civilization -- scientific, religious, or philosophical -- become increasingly out of step with experienced reality. New myths to fill the gap are just beginning to emerge (human creativity never being at a loss for very long).

Although a period of confusion in all realms is likely as these new myths are created and take hold, the potential exists for a golden age, one in which all areas of human endeavor will be quite changed from the present. This is a very exciting prospect for some, a source of fear and anxiety for others.

H.G. Wells' Essay on The Change -- Background

H.G. Wells is dead, of course. Herbert George Wells, 1866-1946, rose from a poor background to become a quite popular and respected writer and novelist. He's best remembered for science fiction like The Time Machine (1895), The Wonderful Visit (1895), The Invisible Man (1897) and The War of the Worlds (1898). He wrote much more than this, however, including many novels -- novels exploring his evolving and somewhat socialistic views -- as well as the best-selling Outline of History (1920).

Wells was quite conscious of his rise from humble origins, a rise initiated, perhaps, by an accident at an early age which suddenly provided him with access to books, books by which he expanded his mind sufficiently to take advantage of newly emerging educational opportunities in the England of his time.

Wells describes these events and the resulting direction of his life and mind -- the latter quite focused on an early form of futurism and a "planned world" -- in Experiment in Autobiography (1934), a book any Wells fan will greatly appreciate. (See RealityTest Resources for links to sites containing much more information about Mr. Wells.)

Wells’ death, however, doesn’t prevent RealityTest from including a recent (Fall, 1999) essay by him on The Change, which follows this background piece.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in an afterlife, mediumship, or the ability of a medium to acquire material from Mr. Wells, specifically, you may find the essay interesting, period.

Mediumship is rampant and growing these days, one of a number of developments linked to the consciousness expansion of The Change. This growth is facilitated by the Internet, which can provide (in the form of mailing lists and on-line "chat" sessions) an ideal environment for the development of mediumship skills.

Wells’ essay is an example of autotyping, whereby a medium in a lightly dissociated state or trance allows information to be filtered through their mind and translated into words and phrases which are then "automatically" transmitted through their fingers on a keyboard.

All such information is necessarily "colored" by the medium’s mind, a fact which becomes quite apparent during experiments in which multiple mediums attempt to access the same source. It's also apparent that some mediums are "clearer" than others, having or developing an ability to process the information with a minimum of conscious interference.

Often, those whose minds possess great storehouses of words, phrases, and associations produce more interesting and readable results, particularly when there is a high degree of "resonance" with the mind with which they are in contact. Finally, it’s clear to those who believe the information originates elsewhere than their own subconscious that such transmissions are interactive in nature -- the process of tuning into a discarnate mind and communicating with it affects both that mind and the medium. RealityTest's example follows:

H.G. Wells on The Change

As I have said before, The Change is what you make of it, what you are making of it. Why do you think that things are changing so quickly that "forecasting" is becoming impossible? It's because you have begun to see the underpinnings of your limited perceptions. No one in my times, myself included, would have considered the fact that the "future" was so malleable. Oh, yes -- we entertained fantastic visions of how that future might be changed in one way or another, but it was more a selecting of a different path and then proceeding down it, not a situation where there were perhaps eddies, but no solid paths. If you examine water or any fluid medium you will gain a better understanding of what is happening in your current affairs -- how each change affects every other thing, and also of course, every other change.

How can I even begin to live in this world, you wonder? How can I give up my solid secure reality with finite futures and a firm place to put my feet? Well, you have initiated this change and so you had better find a way to integrate it into your realities. Your insistence on faster, newer, better has precipitated a state where the static gives way to the super-fluid, and learning to deal in this new medium is imperative.

One thing you must be prepared to do is to give up forever any idea of objectivity. Now, many will cringe at this, since it sounds as if I am asking that you suspend all logical processes in favor of flights of fancy. I am not, but you will have to discover the balance for yourselves. In this fluid medium there is no place for the detached observer to stand that will not at least get him or her very wet. And of course, as you get wet and thrash around or swim or tread water, you affect strongly the very thing you are trying to observe.

This is a medium of personal responsibility. You must factor yourself into your blueprints. If what you see, what you are proposing, is only for "them," then you are wearing blinders, because you are a component of "them." This is no religious dogma or moral code, but simply a statement of fact. The science of your time is flowing strongly in this direction, and will continue to do so. You have been separating, dissecting, contriving to divide things into smaller and smaller pieces, well, surprise! These pieces are the building blocks of all things, including you, and so in a sense you have been rearranging yourselves, and this monumental change is the result.

We have drifted here into the realm of mathematics, where we are dealing with the rate of change of change. Things are now moving too quickly to predict in the normal fashion. You have ceased to be functional in linear time and must now contemplate your world from an ever-expanding perspective. It would be wise to hone your intuition, for you will need it. It is a tool whose potential has only been guessed by a few, but it will prove to be more reliable in these new surroundings than any statistical theory you have ever used.

You will need to trust yourselves and those with whom you have any kind of noticeable relationship; not trust them to do any particular thing, but trust that they are a part of the process and that there is a way for actions to be mutually beneficial. You do already possess a great deal of such trust, but you seldom look at it as such. For all the talk of danger on your many and mighty highways, they are an example of a remarkably cooperative endeavor.

If you stopped to think seriously of the number of people and vehicles and the speeds at which you travel, you will perhaps realize that this could result in mass death and mutilation on a daily basis, eventually leading to laws against such highways, even as you attempted a much more minor control, lowering the speed limit. When you take into account the sheer volume of humans behind the wheel, and the amazing differences in their temperaments and personalities, you will see the truth of this. This kind of cooperation can readily be achieved in other areas as well, and eventually it will acquire mass acceptability and no one will consider it astounding or difficult.

You desired the ability to travel great distances in short amounts of time, and you desired it so strongly, and so many dreams and imaginings were focused upon it, that it happened, and you were willing to suspend your antagonistic view of reality to make it happen. There is a reason why the "I have a dream" speech has become so imbedded in your culture, because it all begins with dreams -- strong dreams/imaginings/longings. If you would see your probable future, tune in to the dreams of the world, your own included; when enough people dream together, those dreams will move into physical reality.

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