1997: Central Park, New York City

(See full-size version of group photo, taken at the Temple of Dendur, on the Filomena's website; see also George's website for additional photos.)

The 1997 Great Coordination Point Expedition met on the front steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, May 10, checking out the Temple of Dendur -- a genuine Eyptian temple found inside the museum -- before venturing into Central Park.

Separating into two groups, one group was entertained by Marsha and her ouija board while a smaller group rented rowboats and rowed out into the small artificial lake at the park, searching for "hotspots" on the lake. Distinct mental and physical sensations were experienced when a boat passed over or through one of these, occupants meditating even while attempting to avoid collisions with other boaters.

The rejoined Expedition then adjourned for a meal and drinks at a restaurant outside the park and met that evening at the hotel several participants were staying in. Marsha brought her ouija board and found her ability to communicate with various oversouls accelerated; operating the board by herself in a unique fashion, with it held against her torso, she proceeded from one person to the next, responding to questions.

The next day many returned to Central Park. Some who hadn't been on the lake the previous day now rented a rowboat and tested the lake for hotspots. This writer, who had experienced one particular spot the previous day, waited on shore to see what they might find, pleasantly surprised to observe the boat pass the same spot, reverse course and stop right on it -- whatever the spot was about, it was clearly not entirely subjective in nature. The boaters discovered another spot in a part of the lake not investigated on Saturday.

Aside from the hotspots on the lake and their tendency to provoke slight dizziness and an odd stomach sensation, no one was quite sure what, if anything, had been experienced. There had been some odd moments, as when one person watched S E T H spelled out on a ouija board as the other person, also with fingers on the planchette, turned away to speak to someone else. Some also experienced odd "flashes" of... who knows what, but no one was truly sure what, if anything, was different about this place.

In hindsight, the mysterious acceleration of Marsha Brown's ouija-ing abilities was key. At the time, Marsha was the only person present who had previously demonstrated far above average facility with a ouija board, so the oddness of this had been taken for granted.

GCPE'rs returned to their homes, having enjoyed an exciting weekend outing which had included meeting people who, in many cases, they had previously only known by email. They knew, too, that photos of the event would soon grace websites; these, along with accompanying posts, would soon be the center of attention on the Internet mailing list they all inhabited.

It was only then that many participants finally started to notice something -- they were "high" -- but without indulging in any hallucinogenic agents. The phrase "high on life" wasn't uncommon years ago, but no one ever heard anything about getting high on a Main CP. Something different and unusual had happened.

Both George and Dale (Dale met James -- who had travelled from England to attend -- over the course of the weekend; they later married) found themselves spontaneously "autotyping" when they sat down at their computers after arriving at their homes. They were not alone; John, too, soon developed similar mediumistic skills. Clearly, there was something about the Main CP and the event itself which generated an acceleration in psychic abilities.

Here is something George autotyped at that time:

"Within the area of a main CP there is a shimmering effect in your consciousness, your awareness, a quickening of vibration. A subtle change as the moonlight shimmers on water."

"The key portal or vortex opens when thought is intensified. The portal can occur anywhere within the main CP area. The location is not permanent. It is attracted by the intensity of thought, feeling, intent and focus of consciousness. To open a portal to another reality, have two or more people sit in a group and concentrate on one thought, one focus, one intention and remain clear in that for five minutes. If this focus wavers then the energies will also waver."

"This single intent and focus will align the CP energies. The fundamental vibrational frequency of the group consisting of the combination of consciousness, thought, intent and focus will set up a resonance that will align those harmonic realities of that fundamental vibration. There will be a match, so to speak, between your reality and those other realities that are "compatible" with it, according to the vibrational pattern you have set up in your group."

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