Rendevous Coordinates: Cleopatra's Needle ("The Obelisk")
Central Park, New York City; Saturday, August 9, 2003, at 12:00 Noon

The first post-9/11 Expedition revisited New York City's Central Park on a hot and muggy summer's day, one on which the slightest exertion resulted in profuse perspiration. Slowed by these sweltering conditions but undeterred, the explorers posed for photos at The Obelisk and then ventured into the park, finding the direct sunlight at the obelisk not at all conducive to meditation.

Left to right: Jason, Kathie, Mary, Bill, Sarah, Gina, Kristin, Rebecca, Frank.

Wandering somewhat dazed while seeking a suitable quiet and shaded location, the party came across a box on a tree marked "CP2." Looking around, they spied a small and private meadow and proceeded to mentally "touch" the CP while sitting in silent meditation, activating it psychically.

Afterwards, hot and hungry, the expedition temporarily changed its focus to sustenance, honing in on and trooping to a small cafe outside the park, My Favorite Bistro, at 53 W. 72nd St. at Columbus Avenue, where the good food and company (and air conditioning) provided an excellent respite from the rigours of the day.

After lunch, we returned to the Park, most of the group heading to The Ladies Pavillion on the lake, while Bill and Kristin braved the heat retrieving Kristin's ouija board from her car, parked somewhere on the upper East Side.

By the time they rejoined the rest of the group, a breeze from the lake had begun to make conditions much more comfortable. Ouija-ing ensued, but the focus on the Main CP was temporarily forgotten as heat addled explorers, consuming emergency doses of ice cream, gradually recovered.

Finally, a second meditation was proposed, an attempt to contact Yaglin* of the 23rd Century by opening a connecting portal (not at all "physical," in the usual sense, in this case). This proved to be quite successful, Yaglin demonstrating some of his odd contraptions by using them to create differing "chakric" sensations in each of the meditators. After this unusual experience, the party again left the park, assembling in a book lined study of The Excelsior, where Bill was staying.

Here additional information was obtained via ouijaboard, information suggesting the center of the Main Coordination Point is likely under the Museum, towards The Obelisk. A future expedition (in cooler weather) was contemplated, as the by now dwindling group adjourned to a nearby pizza parlor for dinner, members afterwards bidding each other farewell at a nearby subway stop.

See the Central Park Conservancy website, which includes an interactive map; Cleopatra's Needle is called "obelisk" on the Great Lawn portion and is found immediately behind The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Museum is located between East 84th and 79th Streets. (Like its twin in London and others found around the planet, this obelisk was created for Thutmose III -- not Cleopatra).

*Yaglin is a future counterpart or incarnation of one of the original GCPE explorers; communication is ordinarily accomplished by a form of "automatic typing." The two share an interest in coordination points but Yaglin's approach is technical or scientific, employing mathematics more or less incomprehensible to anyone currently alive and next to impossible to convey to his 21st Century counterpart. Here's an example of a non-technical communication (Noted: Such communications always have the potential to change both present and future realities):

Q. Please tell me a little on your work regarding coordination points.
Yaglin: "Ah! My work proceeds slowly yet some progress has been made recently. There has been an energy flux from a period in time where much energy has been input by a few individuals. I am not talking about scientists or technologists but those areas where interest is high and continuous. This concentration of thought energy has allowed some progress in fine tuning certain parameters of the equations used in our theories.
For your own information, these coordination points act as conduits of energy, where energy is easily transferred from one system to another, whether that be through time or across different realities -- the process is much the same. In fact, we are our own coordination point. If we were not, then the very act of intuition, of channeling, of contacting other selves would not be possible. The very same process used to create a physical outcome or an idea within the brain/mind system is used in this coordinate point concept we are working upon. It took a very long time to understand how the brain actually works; the brain is a physical apparatus that if used properly -- without all the 'baggage' it has to deal with in your terms -- can create physical realities and outcomes exactly as desired. Until you 'harness' this organic transducer, however, and co-actively take charge rather than have it run on 'survival' programs that have no significance anymore other than to use its energy in un-creative areas (or should I say repetitive programs) you will have no idea what you're actually running, then, and you will have no idea what I am even talking about.
To understand coordination points and how they work then understand how the brain functions and you will see a very similar process; while you're doing that think of your quantum physics -- being in two places at once -- and have that become the norm and you may have some understanding of where I am."

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