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RealityTest has provided glimpses of how the mind can transcend linear time, including Toynbee's unobtrusive visits to other times as a passive observer, Cheeky D's practical communications -- interactions, actually -- with his future selves, the channelled H.G. Wells' pendulum exercise connecting the experimenter, inwardly, with past and future "incarnations," and Seth's preliminary probable self exercise.

All of these serve to demonstrate the limitations of the usual views of time, even while providing conceptual and experiential tools for accomplishing time transcendence.

Then there is the question of physical time travel -- bringing the living body along. Can it be done? Granted, doing so implies the creation of probable realities, as the slightest interaction by a person from, say, 2002, in another moment of linear time cannot occur without changing that other moment in some way, however slightly. (Although travelling "mentally" through time also implies changes, these will be of a different quality -- it's one thing to glimpse a probable version of the "future," leading to a change in thought and action in the present; quite another to make a physical alteration in a "past" situation.)

As travelling physically through time is thus a movement through probable realities, "interdimensional travel" is possibly a better term for such endeavors. Is it possible that some percentage of the UFOs reported over the last half century or so are in fact the outward manifestations of such travel? Do certain ancient constructions begin to acquire new significance, seen in this light?

It's possible that concepts and techniques built upon an elaboration of some present day theory involving quantum entanglement, many dimensioned space/time, black holes, or some other esoteric scientific area will enable the accomplishment of interdimensional travel.

It's also possible that a means of converting matter into energy and back to matter will be part of this, or that such travel will require the development of new and sophisticated mathematics and computers capable of making incredibly swift and complex calculations based on these mathematics, computers well beyond present capabilities.

These are all based on methods of acquiring knowledge never designed for the exploration of subjective reality, key to such an enterprise, and at present really quite inadequate for such a task. Instead of waiting for a new science to take form, a hybrid combination of current disciplines and advanced experiential techniques united by some as yet unimagined principle, RealityTest suggests that interdimensional travel may be possible now, without any of this. This would be accomplished, theoretically, by utilizing naturally occurring features found at various locations on the planet. RealityTest has already verified the existence of such features, but candidly admits to a paucity of knowledge regarding their nature.

RealityTest will gradually outline this seemingly far fetched possibility. Doing so will require an elaboration of concepts of physical reality creation, including redefining the nature of physical reality and the body itself, probing features of the collective space/time continuum associated with what are called coordination points by Seth, and investigating curious "puckerings" of that continuum found in the vicinity of Main Coordination Points. (Main Coordination Points are the "naturally occurring features" mentioned above. Noted: RealityTest sponsors a very informal organization, The Great Coordination Point Expedition, which searches for Main Coordination Points, investigating these little-known oddities at firsthand. See the GCPE's website.)

RealityTest will also find it necessary to review concepts regarding the nature of the physical brain, both as Aldous Huxley's "reducing valve" -- a means of achieving a supreme focus once essential for physical survival -- and as a key component of physical reality creation. This must necessarily include a close examination of the brain's relation to mind.

In short, RealityTest proposes to explore the possibility of creating the physical self in a moment of linear time distinct from an initial perceived present, a creation facilitated by certain unique properties of main coordination points. This rests on the assumption that a person is perpetually creating and recreating their physical body from moment to moment, including the unique space continuum associated with the perceptions of the physical senses, those moments strung together -- usually unconsciously -- to create the illusion of continuity.

Writing a plausible explanation of such an implausible subject -- one which, admittedly, involves procedures which have yet to be perfected by RealityTest and which may in fact be entirely beyond present abilities -- will be challenging, to say the least. In addition, perfecting "mental time travel" skills would aid this task immeasurably, while RealityTest's intended direction may involve "fieldwork" requiring travel and coordinating the activities of any number of interested investigators. Considering all of this, please bear with us -- this section could be "under construction" for quite some time.

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