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In time, this section will feature a number of essays by different mediums working in collaboration with the deceased Wells. The first essay below was "autotyped" by a friend of RealityTest in August, 1998. Autotyping is a form of mediumship much akin to "automatic writing," a modern computer keyboard supplanting the pad and pencil. (See an older page, The Change -- An Introduction, for a brief explanation of this topic, as well as another channelled Wells essay. The third exercise in RealityTest's Doorways section is also a Wells piece.)

Mediumship is an intricate topic, quite involved with the nature of identity and reality -- both physical and non-material -- in addition to the nuances of the interactive process itself. This process combines translation with a simultaneous "stepping down" or transduction. RealityTest views it as creative in nature; an art, not a science.

Mediumship is also an active collaboration -- an interaction resembling in some ways a conversation between two people. The key difference, of course, is that of the two minds one is much more physically focused than the other, necessarily "coloring" or "filtering" any channelled material; you cannot completely ignore the presence of the translator. An entire range of conditions and circumstances come into play here, which will be explored at length later.

Certain forms of mediumship (or "channelling") are relatively easy to learn and are practiced, informally, by increasing numbers, a situation greatly facilitated by the Internet. Those born with natural gifts are being supplemented by those willing to experiment with this ancient activity.

Sceptics may be obsessed with "proving" the validity of mediumistic communications, the existence of an afterlife, or whether or not information can be accessed from a particular discarnate mind -- but these are areas where subjective validation is far superior to any "objective proof."

Channelled material can of course be examined without regard to its source and quite effectively assessed intuitively, but the rational sceptic is encouraged to temper his or her objections with experience before dismissing this whole realm, and to question assumptions and beliefs regarding both the constitution and validity of "proof." For example: Can you prove to anyone that you dream and, if so, exactly how? Someone might wake you while you are dreaming and ask if you had, in fact, been dreaming. Is your assent sufficient for proving the case? Yet you know that you dream.

In the first essay below the voice of Wells shifts in an interesting way. Beginning with the tired and pessimistic writer of Mind at the End of its Tether who dies shortly after its publication in 1946 at not quite eighty, the perspective becomes more expansive, indicative of Wells' changed circumstances. (Note that Wells envisioned an "Atomic Bomb" in a science fiction novel, The World Set Free, published in 1914, and titled a pamphlet The War that will end War that same year.)

As noted in RealityTest's Resources section, the discarnate Wells has moved beyond the living Wells' beliefs; the author of The Open Conspiracy and The New World Order is seen as but one particular component of a much more expansive Wells, a being who sees beyond the limits of a narrow rationality.

1. Channelled H.G. Wells -- August, 1998

The days were closing in, the walls of time itself, thick and impenetrable as heavy glass, shut me in and kept me secure from those horrors which sprang into being from my own fertile mind. The children of my imagination who escaped into the general lives of unsuspecting mankind, in the hands of tyrants became weapons of annihilation. For man is evil, I am sure of that now, or more rightly, cursed. That the wondrous fruits of our most excited imaginings should come to this -- this incalculable horror. Never before has such massive destruction been contemplated. I take this as a measure of our degradation that it should be now. This surely is the fire, and the end. Was there ever such a thing as a war of warriors? I did think there was. I did even think there was a certain amount of magnificance in those fighters, young and old, trudging or riding out to risk their lives for country or for glory. Why didn't I see those shadowy folk in the background of the panorama who had no more desire than to live their humble lives, going about their daily tasks unimpeded by carnage or by glory? What did they care for glory? They wanted bread.

I think now that it was no coincidence that the butchery of Balaclava so closely preceeded my birth. Whether in error or in "glorious" sacrifice, the men were dead, and dead surely knowing ahead of time that their lives were being thrown away with no thought for their unique experiences or personalities. This was a small but symbolic portent of the direction to be taken up with enthusiasm by the military minds of the world, culminating in the Great War, the war which would end wars, the war which did, in fact only begin an era almost beyond comprehension.

Now, before I let this person I was continue onwards, I should point out that this is only one "scenario" of myself. It just happens to be the one to which you are currently linked. Linkages do change with "time" however. (Actually they change with the alteration of emotional values, which are free of the mechanism of time as you experience it.) So, you may well ask, what emotional values led me from where I was at one time, brimming with enthusiasm, to the place which produced this gloomy vision? Well, it was triggered, I think, by the unfortunate experience of a close friend of mine who fell afoul of the justice system as it was at the time. He emerged with his freedom, but a ruined man, ruined in health and more importantly, in expectations. I began to perceive some cracks in my glorious visions, and as time passed those cracks widened and became chasms, fueled by all the energy which had built the visions in the first place. The energy was mine, and I was prodigal with it in that I failed to direct it, but let it point where it would like a runaway fire hose, wriggling and spraying in all directions. I would even go so far as to admit that Verne had a point when he accused me of a lack of discrimination when it came to science. (Of course it should be noted here that the science in which I needed to exercise this discretion was not one I was even aware of at the time, or at least not consciously aware of. He, by the way, for those who might be interested, is tinkering with invention, still quite attached to physical reality, and will no doubt return as soon as he is certain he has internalized those concepts he will need to actualize his ideas.)

If you have had enough of the voice of doom, perhaps you might allow me to continue with my "present" discoveries, and my "present" situation. I am not, of course, some disembodied ghost lingering around the table of life nibbling on the scraps of myself which still remain thereon. All I was, was, and is; but the one who speaks to you at this moment is far more alive than any shadow you might conjure up, and the subject is a tricky one, so there will of course be need for attention, as well as for experimentation.

Then, time -- the first playtoy of the evolving entity -- the clay with which you will build marvelous structures, destroy them in glee, and rebuild, the clay being not only indestructible but alive itself and constantly evolving.

2. Channelled H.G. Wells -- March, 2000

Well, it's about time! Of course, in reality that is just what it isn't about. Some of you are beginning to get the idea, and are in the early stages of playing with it. Ironic, that I who wrote stories based on linear time should find myself in this position. Fortunately it is not only ironic, but a great deal of fun as well. Perhaps the hardest thing for one of my experimental nature to accept was that there is no cause and effect. Now you might think that this means that nothing that one does matters, but of course this is not at all the case. It is simply that it matters in quite a different way. If you think of a continuum, most of you think again in terms of flow, as in a river.

Think instead of a different kind of continuum, something rather like a heavy and blusterous snow storm where the wind keeps changing constantly, and one moment or view may seem much like the "previous" one, yet all of you would accept the fact that no flake has remained there unmoving and that there are many energies at work in the production of this scene.

The problem then becomes -- how to operate in a snowstorm? You would find that the most complex of your computerized weather modeling software makes no claim to be able to predict every gust of wind, every slight change in temperature. How can you then gain gnosis in such a situation? I use this word advisedly because the only way to comprehend such a volatile scene is to become a part of it and feel it -- it is not accessible to the observer, but is to the participant.

It is this skill of becoming a participant that allows you to know "which way the wind is blowing," and which way it WILL blow in relationship to you and your worldview, just as you know all that it takes to put one foot in front of the other, without realizing that not only are you sending minute signals to muscles, you are also dealing with gravity, making assessments about the solidarity of where the foot will descend, how hard it will descend, what resistance the air provides, how much air it takes to continue to move forward, etc. -- all unconsciously. In fact, if you were to stop and consider all these factors and try to control them you would most likely never take another step. Just as you do in fact successfully take many of those steps in your life, so you can interact with your other environments, such as your local social and business climates, and have an effect which is in no way linear or static. This is a skill like any other -- it can be learned, and indeed must be learned. As the rate of change increases, there will be no other choice except chaos. (Chaos is, of course, the way the environment will increasingly appear to those who cling to the outside observer role.)

It is important to realize that this is a dynamic process. Snapshots will not tell you even a tiny part of the story -- in fact, they will mislead you. Perhaps the most difficult thing for you to grasp is that as you interact with your local weather, you not only affect the "future" but also the "past." This is perhaps a bit easier to comprehend, as I have said, if you cease to think in terms of cause and affect, of past and future, and assume that all is contained in one moment point. This moment point allows you to view its past and its future, of which you are a part. If you change the moment point in which your consciousness lies, all the "connections" to pasts and futures are altered in gross or subtle ways.

3. Channelled H.G. Wells -- May, 2002

You should not be surprised at a little shaking. There will be a lot more of it as the ‘time’ goes by. Time, the weight of time, is feather-balanced like a glass revolving door. It can turn with a feather touch and you with it if you step in. Stepping in in this case* involves merely being willing to tolerate the strange. (The term ‘The Change’ could more aptly be retitled ‘The Strange.’)

The ability to tolerate paradox or even the unfamiliar as a bedfellow is of utmost importance at this time for the winds blow heavily and you will bend or break. Breaking of course is not a disaster, but it means a breaking off to follow a different path. This is a grand and exciting ‘time’ to be alive and physical and I participate in it to the extent I can while mildly envying those of you who are daring the whirlpool.

Now I know that 'whirlpool' has negative connotations for many but consider the properties thereof: A whirlpool spins; when you spin you become dizzy, disoriented. This disorientation is exactly what you must tolerate to RE-orient. There is much of your present assumptions and habits of thought and philosophy which cannot come with you. Be aware then, and follow the ‘easy’ path, because another property of a whirlpool is that once in it it is easy to follow its energy.

Your mind, and perhaps even your emotions, your fear of change, will tell you that this course is dangerous, perhaps even fatal, but if you can be still and not frantic, then you will sense a rightness from the preferred direction. Signs and wonders are not inappropriate at this time; unusual weather, earth movement, all the darlings of a thousand years of prophecy -- in short, you will see whatever incites you to believe.

And of course this is not done unto you. You have chosen to live in these times. Those abroad now are the adventurers, the scouts, the swashbucklers of the crowd. No matter how ordinary you think you are, you are not. It is simply a mask waiting for the moment of revelation.

It is good that you have developed a taste for intensity -- there is plenty to spare. Watch for the usual and unusual synchronicities. Look for them to increase. Look for connectivity to your fellow explorers. This wave is much larger than the personal. As I say, I rather envy you, but then I have an excellent seat and will surely enjoy the play. Remember that you are naturally blessed if you pardon the word. There is a still place from which you may be refreshed in the midst of chaos. Each of you will find those small, physical things that will act as touchstones to stabilize and comfort. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to use them. Bon voyage!

*To orient yourself is to point in a direction; when you go through a revolving door you enter the door in one direction and if you complete the circle you may think you exit to the place of your entry but you are re-oriented, you point in a different direction, and so everything is changed.

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