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Those who have digested RealityTest's Time Travel section and done the associated exercises will know that transcending the apparent linear nature of time is entirely possible; this knowing will enable the more intrepid to actually visit the future, while others will simply wonder about it. (Properly speaking, and in line with RealityTest's investigations, this is actually a case of probable futures, not a single future.) Clearly, future societies possessing this knowledge of time will be quite different from those of the present.

For those who don't choose to directly apprehend future probable civilizations using the conceptual framework and techniques provided, RealityTest conjectures here on the nature of these futures.

The key to these lies in a changed and changing self, a self experiencing a type of expansive awareness enabled and sustained by the cultivation of mental silence and, at times, a degree of dissociation.

The restrictive boundaries of self -- the narrowed "I" -- so characteristic of Western civilization, necessarily become lessened with this changed self, as though the residents of a medieval walled town had ceased to fear ruthless invaders and begun to explore the meadows, fields, and countryside beyond their walls. This process can only accelerate once it has begun; it is "contagious" by its nature, spread swiftly by the continuously expanding and instantaneous communication media of our time (symbolic external manifestations of inner developments).

As this reversal of the narrowing of self (a narrowing long promoted by the socialization processes of our societies) proceeds, we begin to embark upon an astounding transformation, achieving a new blending of inner and outer, intuition and intellect, the symbolical feminine and masculine.

Let us imagine the results of this transformation, picturing these future societies, by looking at some of the closely related features of the new selves from which they are constituted (an intended further elaboration will focus on these new selves acting in concert):

o The Return of the Soul. (See additional remarks in RealityTest's Time Travel -- the State of the Art: Introduction section.) The word "soul" has endless religious associations; nevertheless, there is a certain reality to which it refers, no matter that the idea of this reality has become seriously distorted, its immediate experience occluded. Regardless of which word is chosen, be it soul, entity, essence, oversoul, or something else, this essential aspect of existence returns to humankind's conscious awareness, not to displace the ego and intellect -- temporarily inflated well beyond their true significance -- but rather as the greater context in which they exist, nurturing them. The narrow self, so used to considering itself as separate and alone, can once again acknowledge its most immediate and non-material source. The loss of a particular kind of hubris -- undoubtedly a difficult experience for a great many -- will be more than amply rewarded.

o Awareness of Adjacent Selves. Souls or entities may acquire experience through numerous physically embodied personalities (seen as adjacent selves from any particular self's perspective). Each is independent and unique, yet affiliated, nevertheless, owing to this shared entity connection. The usual idea of serial reincarnation is a distortion -- an oversimplification -- of this reality; adjacent selves may exist during the same moments in apparent linear time, their lives overlapping. Whether this is the case or not, underlying inner connections are most noticeable when intent is shared, regardless of the time or place of particular selves -- a 21st Century writer focused on issues of interest to a literate Victorian era self may find herself much more connected to that self than, say, a 20th Century self focused on some other realm of experience. We begin to notice these connections, to become aware of our adjacent selves, even to participate in conscious gestalten formed by the shared interests of adjacent selves. (See also the related area of probable selves discussed briefly in RealityTest's Time Travel -- the State of the Art: Introduction section.)

o Telepathy and Empathy. These have always been present, but frequently ignored and dismissed by most from an early age, in accordance with societal beliefs and habits. Mass reality creation from individual space continua would be impossible without a high degree of cooperation and telepathy, mostly unconscious, enables this cooperation. Much closer to our conscious awareness is the non-material reality of thoughts and feelings, now made undeniably tangible; that which has been repressed -- often deeply -- stands revealed.

o Mediumship. A component of a developing telepathic awareness includes communication with non-material entities, whether "dead" or simply disembodied, for whatever reason, including those non-material aspects of our own selves. Clearly, such awareness shakes foundations of all kinds, and cannot exist without major repercussions. Many of the underlying societal myths dealing with death and non-material existence, myths which have comforted us and reinforced prevailing beliefs constructed during centuries of narrowed consciousness, cease to impress us; these are outgrown. At the same time, those beliefs which have supported the denial of any kind of non-material existence are rendered obsolete.

o A Reconnection to Nature. Narrowed consciousness, reinforced by the tenets of patriarchal religious beliefs and the "objective" stance of science, has resulted in a general estrangement from the natural world and its denizens. Expansive consciousness heralds a return to Nature, which includes vast areas poorly understood (if understood at all) within contemporary mainstream belief systems. One such area would be that of landscape energies, coordination points, and related connections between physical reality and the greater cosmos from which it springs.

o A Rediscovery of Dreams and the Dreamworld. We have tended to separate ourselves into waking and sleeping, deeming our daytime selves as "real," our dreaming selves as somehow less significant, mere aftereffects of resting and regeneration. This changes, radically, as many -- not just those who have trained themselves to record their dreams, noting telepathic and precognitive content; not just those who have cultivated dreaming lucidity -- discover.

o Linear Time Transcendence. The moment expands to encompass other times, and other places, too -- we are no longer nearly so constrained and dominated by the clock, and begin to notice the mobility of consciousness. Of even greater significance is the dawning awareness that cause and effect cannot exist -- science will have to be reconstructed on an entirely new foundation which excludes objectivity, at least as it is generally understood at present.

o A Recognition of the Power of Thoughts and Beliefs, both Personal and Collective. A belief in a type of powerlessness is closely associated with beliefs in an objective universe in which life is seen as an accidental occurrence; another kind of powerlessness is evident in beliefs in an all powerful creator god, particularly in those versions in which magnified human attributes -- physical, emotional, and psychological -- are projected, childlike, onto the All. We will be living in a very different era when many come to realize how their thoughts and beliefs -- in conjunction with their perceptions and emotions -- literally generate the realities they experience. (This is already readily apparent to anyone willing to examine the impact of altering their beliefs or even simply adjusting that which they mentally focus upon -- what may seem like magic to many, now, becomes almost second nature.)

Lurking behind these changes in belief and experience is the All -- an ultimate expansive awareness now become accessible to more than mystics, cutting through any number of religious beliefs and perhaps frightening those clinging to more modern and entirely materialistic beliefs. Not everyone will travel this far, but certainly great reaches of undiscovered (and those merely forgotten) territories will be opened up along the way, as a new frontier beckons.

These features suggest great implications in all aspects of life, and RealityTest would allow its readers to consider these in their own minds. No part of life or society will be untouched by them; no cherished institutions, no creative endeavors or practical pursuits, will remain the same. Such a major shift of focus spells the end of the present hypnotic obsession with science, technology, and external reality, but not the end of exploration, the desire to know and understand; these and other pursuits will continue, revivified, within a greatly expanded context, an immediate experience of being.

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